Very gentle

New grade for 2017

Our Very Gentle walks are around 3 miles in length, with an easy-going pace and lots of stops for taking photos and enjoying the scenery. They will also involve stops at places of interest, local towns and coffee shops – depending on the location. The walks stay on relatively easy gradients with a maximum height gain of 200m (660ft) – though usually it is considerably less than this. Depending on where the holiday is based, you might be rambling through woods, following the coastline, or walking through sites of historic interest. The paths vary with the location, but can be rocky or uneven and there may be stiles to cross.

This grade is perfect if you like 3 mile walks or if you’re new to ‘walking’, want to take things at a gentler pace or want to improve your fitness. If you walk a short distance each day you should be fine.

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