Slow High

8-12 miles, average 900m up & down

We introduced the Slow High grade a few years ago after talking to women who come on the holidays, and it has proved a huge success! Many women love high level walks – and may always have loved them – but now find they want to take them at a slower pace. For other women, ‘high level’ is the next step up, but it’s still an unknown quantity and they worry about slowing others down. If these concerns have stopped you from choosing our High Level grade – even though you feel, or know, you have the stamina to cope with long ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ and long walking days, then this new grade is for you! Slow High walks will be similar to High Level walks in all other respects – see below – but will be taken at a slower pace with more stops along the way. The walking day may be a little longer than usual, and as a result we arrange them mostly in Spring and Summer. (Intermediate walks are also usually offered at the same time so that you can vary your walks or swap to Intermediate if you find you prefer it).

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