Intermediate Walks

8 miles, average 650m up & down

Do you love wonderful views and don’t mind the uphill effort to reach them? Intermediate holidays offer 6-8 mile walks on the mid-range hills, selecting those that will give the most exciting views and most interesting walking. There is more ‘up’ and ‘down’ involved than in the lower level grades: up to 750m (2500ft) of ascent, or 1-1.5 hours of walking uphill at a relaxed pace with stops to catch our breath. The effort is rewarded by the satisfaction of just ‘getting there’, the stunning views all around, and the general lack of people. Often there is then a flatter ridge walk to follow with great views on each side before we descend.

If you’re not already familiar with these pleasures, this might be a chance to discover them in good company. Intermediate paths vary more than on lower walks, being more uneven, rockier, and sometimes steep or boggy in places. Our pace will be easygoing and anyone with a reasonable level of fitness who doesn’t mind hills will be fine. For example, you might regularly walk 5 miles and feel you could happily do more; or you might do some other form of regular exercise like cycling, aerobics, or running.

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