Long Distance

Long Distance- 10-15 miles, average 400m up/down

Long distance footpaths offer wonderful long days following ancient footpaths and bridleways steeped in history – old drovers roads or trails used by travelling folk. As such they often follow valleys or ridges to minimise the ‘up’ and ‘down’ involved, tending to aim for the next saddle rather than the next peak. They generally involve between 10-15 miles a day, with only a little more height gain than Low Intermediate walks. (Long distance coastal paths tend to have more ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ adding up to nearer 500m on some days – i.e. like a longer version of Intermediate walks). We tell you the average distance and ascent in each of their holiday descriptions. They are all fabulous journeys that will reward you with a great sense of achievement.

Their main requirement is stamina and staying power – and boots that are comfortable! Try and fit in some 10 mile walks beforehand as preparation.

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