High Level

8-12 miles, average 900m up & down

High Level walks are ‘mountain’ walks, offering the most exciting and dramatic views – wild crags where buzzards and ravens fly, expansive views, deserted high level lakes, and wonderful long ridges with views to the valleys below. The walks will be from 8-12 miles in length, and have an ascent and descent of up to 1000m (3300ft). The secret of getting up there is to take the ‘ups’ at a steady pace without so many stops that you keep losing your second wind. The gradients will vary over the day, but will generally include longer steep sections than the intermediate grades, with 1.5-2 hours of ascent overall. In general, the higher you go, the rockier the paths get, and in places you may use your hands; some high level walks can be unnerving for vertigo sufferers.

If you have reasonable balance for walking on rocky uneven ground and know you have the leg, heart, and lung fitness to cope with sustained exertion – either from recent hill walking or in some other sport – these wonderful walks could be for you!

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