High Intermediate

9 miles, average 800m up & down

Are you a high level walker and feel you’ve lost fitness over the winter? Or do you already love intermediate walks and want to go higher? High Intermediate walks are stunning walks at the top end of the Intermediate range, verging towards High Level: they more regularly involve 800m (2600ft) of ascent and descent and up to 9 miles in length. Some sections will be as steep and rocky as High Level paths – particularly in the Lake District – offering you an introduction to this kind of terrain.

This grade also suits holidays where some of the days are longer than the Intermediate grade even though the terrain is straightforward; and in winter you will find High Intermediate holidays when short days and the threat of ice on the highest tops prevent us offering the highest grades. If you are new to hill walking yet are confident about your fitness, this grade (and ‘Slow High’) may be best for your first venture into the mountains.

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