High Alpine

8-14 miles, 850-1400m up & down

The high level holidays that are graded ‘High Alpine’ have some of the most stunning walks we offer – soaring views of snow-clad peaks, glaciers, ice-covered mountain lakes, and alpine flowers all around. However, on certain days, there will be more length or ascent than normal High Level walks – up to 14 miles a day and 1400m (4600ft) ascent/descent. On some holidays you may experience some altitude effects – e.g. headaches or shortness of breath. As a result, these wonderful mountains may require you to pace yourself, e.g. by swapping to an intermediate walk in Gran Paradiso and Bulgaria. On the Langtang Trek in Nepal we build in acclimatising days to diminish the effects of altitude, and you may need to take it easy then.

If you’re a hill walker with good knees and stamina, who wants more of a challenge and incredible views, these wonderful walks could be for you! If you are not already a hill walker, Gran Paradiso or Bulgaria offer a choice of grades each day and are the safest High Alpine holidays to try first.

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