WW Update December 2019: Here are the Facts

This year has gone so quickly and now Christmas is upon us once again.

I thought I had found a buyer, however the sale recenty fell through. So, I shall keep looking and in the meatime, I have released around 40 holidays for 2020 and I’m hoping to have another 10 ready for booking by the end of this year.

Why not bookmark the Calendar link in your browser so you can check back regularly over the coming weeks as we add more holidays.

I am committed to running WW until the end of 2020, however may not be able to continue after then, so please do what you can to help find a buyer, so that WalkingWomen may continue into 2021.

Owning WalkingWomen is a fantastic opportunity for somoene who wants to be their own boss, maybe wanting to take early retirement. It’s kept me busy for 10 years now and it’s so nice to be able to provide wonderful experiences for so many women.

I’m not sending out printed brochures for 2020 as it’s become just too expensive, however I am looking into having an online brochure that yu wil be able to print out at home if you wish.

I have noticed that some people are still phoning our old number. There is a message giving the new number, however some people do not listen to it. So, please tell everyone you know, the WW phone number is 07850 604465.

Please note, the old number does not belong to us and I have been told it will not be active soon.

In summary, WalkingWomen will be continuing into 2020 and hopefully beyond. If you’ve heard otherwise, it’s simply untrue!

All the best and thank you for your continued support



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