Walk Nepal; Change Your Life!

Trekking in Nepal; a breath-taking, sense-storming adventure.

The grandeur of the mountains, the wonderful local people, the adventure of crossing rivers on rope bridges, the colourful prayer flags, the mouth-watering food, the pure scale of the landscape, the joy of the simple routine of getting up, walking, eating and sleeping. Whether its arriving on top of Poon Hill to watch the mountains turn pink in the sunrise, or enjoying the welcoming atmosphere on the trails and in the tea houses- trekking in Nepal is simply amazing!

So, if you fancy a change, a challenge or just a completely brilliant experience then take a look at WalkingWomen’s Intermediate Nepal holiday this year. https://walkingwomen.com/ww-holidays/2017-intermediate-nepal/

The April trip is guided by Lorraine along with local guide Asha Rai and his team. Lorraine has led in Nepal since 2008 and been with WalkingWomen since 2004. She has the knowledge and professionalism to help make your holiday great fun and truly memorable.



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