My Walking Shoes by Rose Ada Combs

Twelve years ago my feet became so sensitive, I thought my walking days were over. My days of wearing normal shoes were over but not walking. Boots aren’t even a possibility. I am down to one walking shoe my feet can tolerate, Altra’s Lone Peak. Unfortunately, the older water proof model of Lone Peak was too hard and too narrow and I wanted to go to Scotland, where it is sure to rain. On a whim, I checked out the new waterproof women’s walking shoes and discovered there was a new Altra Lone Peak model, in high tops no less. Altra has a “Zero Drop”, meaning there is no build up in the heel, allowing for full use of the calf muscles. Also, they are shaped like a foot so there is room for my feet to be healthy, even enough room for my toe spacers. There is a rock plate in the sole, providing protection on rocky trails. When the shoes arrived in the mail, I wore them for a walk and they were comfortable right out of the box. I came home and booked my trip to the Isle of Arran with Walking Women. I only know about Altra because I live near a quality running store, which has helped me with all my feet challenges. When Walking Women asked me to share about my shoes, I was delighted to do so as there may be others like me who would have to stay home if they had to wear a boot. As I will wear them on the airplane to save room in my luggage, I am glad that they are light weight and attractive.

Rose Ada Combs
Oregon City, Oregon

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