The Best Ever Walking Socks – Probably

Thanks to Darn Tough, there is now a range of walking socks available that are not only practical but look great too. Darn Tough, based in Vermont USA, have a fantastic range of socks from ankle to knee high and all in a beautiful range of colours and designs. From spots to stripes, lime green to mauve there is something for everyone.

I was delighted to come across this brand last year as I love all thing green! I have a mountain of walking socks already but could not resist the allure of lime green socks with a rather fetching pink stripe. I clearly had no clue as to how good they were although hoped that the price tag (around £22) would equate to quality. They have now become my sock of choice for walking.

The socks are incredibly comfortable and are showing little sign of wear – so far anyway. As they are made from merino wool they are (thankfully) resistant to odour and very quick drying – perfect if you get caught out while bog hopping – something I love doing. Don’t ask me why! They also come with a lifetime guarantee so what’s not to like!


Clare Kelly

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