About Walking Women

WalkingWomen is about making wonderful walks more accessible – whatever one’s current budget and level of fitness!

It has grown from small beginnings in 2000 to involve quite a few differently talented women who tell you about themselves on this page. However, it has also been shaped by the rich contributions of all the women who come on the holidays – funny, enthusiastic, generous, fascinating, friendly, and all so widely different! You make it special for us.
Thank you!
Sue Donovan

About Sue Donovan



(Owner of WalkingWomen, since November 2009) I have enjoyed walking and the outdoors since I was a child. It has been the perfect antidote to the stresses of life, as well as an opportunity to watch nature and take photographs. I have always been happiest when I am walking.

I have worked as a research scientist, as an IT consultant, and I am also a business and life coach. When I discovered WalkingWomen in 2008, I was hooked! Then I discovered Diana wanted to sell WW, and some wonderful women have helped me buy it. I intend to keep the ethos of WalkingWomen the same and have more of the holidays you enjoy, as well as some new activities (watch this space). Please send your suggestions to queries@walkingwomen.com or post on our Facebook Page.

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