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Grades  //  Grades

Is everyone very fit?”

“What pace will we be walking”

This is probably the most common question – even coming from women who are very fit! The answer is that, like the rest of the population, the women who come cover the whole range of fitness – from those who only walk on pavements when shopping, to those who regularly walk in the hills. Of course, the fitness and pace of these two will vary considerably, and we offer a wide range to grades to match this. Between these two are many women who are reasonably fit, do some regular exercise, and who are often delighted to find out they are fitter than they thought!

Erring slightly on the side of caution is safer than choosing too high a grade and hoping or thinking: “I’ll be fitter by then”, “it’s the right dates and a great price!” or “That’s where I want to go!”. Our experience is that you can’t force your fitness up a notch just by hoping, and you also won’t enjoy trying. However, if you read the grade descriptions carefully, they will help you choose a holiday with other women of similar fitness and pace. That way you’ll have a great holiday and come back for more! If you can’t decide, take a look at the holidays that mention two grades in the title. These have two walks to choose from each day, and you can swap to the other walk if you need. Alternatively, give us a ring – we’re always happy to help!

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16-20 Mar - 2014 Low Intermediate Quantock Hills

16-20 Mar 2014 (Sun-Thu) The peaceful Quantock Hills in Somerset was the first area in ...

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20-24 Mar - 2014 Gentle Northumbrian Coast 1, Bamburgh, Northumberland

20-24 Mar 2014 (Thu-Mon) A gentle break exploring the stunning Northumbrian Coast with Pam. Includes ...

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27-31 Mar - 2014 Gentle North Norfolk Coast and Bird Watching – NEW!

27-31 Mar 2014 (Thu-Mon) A new walking and bird watching holiday with Madeline The Norfolk Coast ...

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